Budget Traveler SHOCKED In Marbella, Spain and Puerto Banus (Experiences

In this Marbella Vlog, I will take you with me as I explore Marbella, Spain and Puerto Banus for a day, showing you all of the best things to do in beautiful Marbella! To start off my Marbella Spain Vlog, I take a quick boat ride over to the famous Puerto Banus, which is known as the land of luxury and a playground for the ultra rich. Puerto Banus is lined with multi-million dollar yachts, every sports car you can imagine, and beautiful seaside homes overlooking the blue water of Puerto Banus. Even if you can’t afford the life of ultra luxury (I can’t either), Puerto Banus is still a great place to hangout for a few hours. Puerto Banus is full of tons of beautiful cafes and restaurants, and tons of shops if you want to splurge a bit!

After exploring Puerto Banus, I took the boat back to the center of Marbella to continue my Marbella Vlog. I visited Marbella in 2021, and thought it was a really nice place to relax and unwind. My first stop in central Marbella in my Marbella Spain Vlog was to the city beach called Venus Beach. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice Venus Beach was in Marbella for being right in town. The water at Marbella’s city beach was really nice, and it wasn’t very crowded (at least when I went). Next on my Marbella Spain Travel Vlog, I walked through the Avenue of the Sea, which connects the beach with the old town, and is a beautiful pedestrian walkway.

Another place I loved in Marbella, Spain was the main park, Alameda Park. So next up on my Marbella Vlog, I strolled through the tranquil Alameda Park, which is full of tons of beautiful trees and a relaxing fountain in the center. After walking through Alameda Park, the next place I visited in Marbella Spain, was the famous old town. The old town in Marbella Spain is so charming, and my favorite place is the main square, Plaza of the Oranges. The main square in Marbella, Spain is absolutely stunning and is no doubt one of my favorite city squares in all of Spain! My last stop on my trip to Marbella Spain in 2021 was to Represa Park, which is right outside of Marbella’s old town and is a great place to escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the nature of Marbella!

I hope you enjoyed my Marbella Vlog and can see why I had so much fun on my day trip to Marbella, Spain!

0:00 Intro
0:29 Boat Ride to Puerto Banus
1:21 Getting Wild in Puerto Banus
3:47 Marbella City Beach
4:55 Pedestrian Walkway and City Park
5:49 Exploring the Old Town

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