Inside Designer Private Jet All-Matte Black Gulfstream G450

How would your Private Jet look like?

Come aboard and enjoy the detailed tour and talk with Sandra Kinzl the owner and designer of this beautiful Gulfstream G450 Private Jet.

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We’re two passionate private pilots from Switzerland, exploring all about Aviation for fun. Our home base is Zurich (LSZH). Join our journeys around Europe and the world with interesting people and aircraft. Our Website:

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Canon EOS R5C
Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8
Polarpro Basecamp Mattebox
Rode Wireless Go II

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Alex @neurobarbos

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This Video is edited and for entertainment purposes only. Do not use it for instruction, flight preparation or similar. Always check the local laws and regulations, do the proper pre-flight preparations and update your documents needed for the flight.


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