Top 5 Modern Luxury Yachts by Princess Yachts

In this video, we’re featuring our top 5 list of modern luxury yachts from Princess Yachts, including their price and features. Stay until the end, to see the best and most expensive yacht on our list.

Designed, built, and launched in their Plymouth shipyard in the UK, Princess Yachts offer high-quality yacht models with great attention to detail and are marketed for their exceptional craftsmanship. These vessels use an innovative, lightweight, resin-infused hull composite design, which provides more space, requires less power, and delivers rapid acceleration.

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Princess R35
© Princess Yachts Limited

Length: 10.89 m (35 ft)
Beam: 3.27 m (10 ft)
Engines: 2x Volvo Petrol V8
Max Displacement: ~6.5 tons
Max Speed: 50 kn
Price: starts at US$ 672,900

Princess S60
© Princess Yachts Limited

Length: 19.17 m (62 ft)
Beam: 4.87 m (16 ft)
Engines: 2x MAN V8-1200
Max Displacement: ~29 tons
Max Speed: 38 kn
Price: starts at US$ 1.9 Million

Princess V78
© Princess Yachts Limited

Length: 24.48 m (80 ft)
Beam: 5.76 m (18 ft)
Engines: 2x MAN V12-1900
Max Displacement: ~53 tons
Max Speed: 39 kn
Price: starts at US$ 2.05 Million

Princess Y85
© Princess Yachts Limited

Length: 26.2 m (86 ft)
Beam: 6.3 m (20 ft)
Engines: 2x MAN V12-1900
Max Displacement: ~69 tons
Max Speed: 30 kn
Price: starts at US$ 6.6 Million

Princess X95
© Princess Yachts Limited

Length: 29.1 m (95 ft)
Beam: 6.77 m (22 ft)
Engines: 2x MAN V12-1900
Max Displacement: ~104 tons
Max Speed: 24 kn
Price: starts at US$ 11.7 Million


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